Microsurgical fenestration of retrocerebellar cysts as a treatment for syringomyelia

  title={Microsurgical fenestration of retrocerebellar cysts as a treatment for syringomyelia},
  author={Vino Apok and Shlomi Constantini and Jonathan Roth},
  journal={Child's Nervous System},
Abnormal posterior fossa cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) collections (PFC) are a constituent feature of several welldescribed disorders [1, 25]. These include retrocerebellar arachnoid cysts and the continuum of Dandy Walker pathology described by Barkovich and coworkers (including Dandy Walker malformation, Dandy Walker variant, and Blake’s pouch cyst) [4]. It is thought that similar to Chiari malformations, posterior fossa cysts adjacent to the foramen magnum can herniate and cause impaction of the… CONTINUE READING
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