Microsurgical anatomy of the superficial veins of the cerebrum.

  title={Microsurgical anatomy of the superficial veins of the cerebrum.},
  author={Kasumi Oka and Albert L. Rhoton and Mary Barry and Reinerio Rodr{\'i}guez},
  volume={17 5},
The microsurgical anatomy of the superficial cortical veins was examined in 20 cerebral hemispheres. The superficial cortical veins are divided into three groups based on whether they drain the lateral, medial, or inferior surface of the hemisphere. The veins on the three surfaces are further subdivided on the basis of the lobe and cortical area that they drain. The superficial cerebral veins collect into four groups of bridging veins: a superior sagittal group, which drains into the superior… CONTINUE READING


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