Microsurgical anatomy of the infratemporal fossa.


The objective of this study is to clearly and precisely describe the topography and contents of the infratemporal fossa. Ten formalin-fixed, adult cadaveric specimens were studied. Twenty infratemporal fossa were dissected and examined using micro-operative techniques with magnifications of 3-40×. Information was obtained about the inter-relationships of… (More)
DOI: 10.1002/ca.22202


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@article{Joo2013MicrosurgicalAO, title={Microsurgical anatomy of the infratemporal fossa.}, author={Wonil Joo and Takeshi Funaki and Fumitaka Yoshioka and Albert L. Rhoton}, journal={Clinical anatomy}, year={2013}, volume={26 4}, pages={455-69} }