Microsurgical anatomic features of the lamina terminalis.

  title={Microsurgical anatomic features of the lamina terminalis.},
  author={Oreste de Divitiis and Filippo Flavio Angileri and Domenico D'avella and Manfred Tschabitscher and Francesco F Tomasello},
  volume={50 3},
  pages={563-9; discussion 569-70}
OBJECTIVE The lamina terminalis (LT) is a structure of considerable interest for microneurosurgery, and precise knowledge regarding its normal anatomic features and the variations thereof is required. The purpose of this study, which was based on microanatomic dissection of human cadaveric specimens, was to review the microsurgical anatomic features of the LT and its neurovascular relationships. The surgical implications of the morphometric data are discussed. METHODS The region of the LT was… CONTINUE READING


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