Microsurgical Decompression for Peroneal Nerve Entrapment Neuropathy

  title={Microsurgical Decompression for Peroneal Nerve Entrapment Neuropathy},
  author={Daijiro Morimoto and Toyohiko Isu and Kyongsong Kim and Atsushi Sugawara and Kazuyoshi Yamazaki and Yasuhiro Chiba and Naotaka Iwamoto and Masanori Isobe and Akio Morita},
  booktitle={Neurologia medico-chirurgica},
Peroneal nerve entrapment neuropathy (PNEN) is one cause of numbness and pain in the lateral lower thigh and instep, and of motor weakness of the extensors of the toes and ankle. We report a less invasive surgical procedure performed under local anesthesia to treat PNEN and our preliminary outcomes. We treated 22 patients (33 legs), 7 men and 15 women, whose average age was 66 years. The mean postoperative follow-up period was 40 months. All patients complained of pain or paresthesia of the… CONTINUE READING


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