Microstructure and properties of melt-quenched TiNi-based alloys

  title={Microstructure and properties of melt-quenched TiNi-based alloys},
  author={T. E. Kuntsevich and Artemy V. Pushin and V. G. Pushin},
  journal={Technical Physics Letters},
Titanium-nickel (TiNi) based alloys doped with hafnium and copper have been obtained by melt-jet spinning at a cooling rate of 105–106 K/s. The melt-spun ribbons have been studied by the electron — microscopy and X-ray diffraction techniques. It is established that, depending on the content of doping elements and cooling rate, the alloys occurred in an either amorphous or mixed amorphous-crystalline state. Mechanical properties of the obtained alloys have been measured.