• Physics
  • Published 1990

Microstructure and mechanical properties of superconducting materials

  title={Microstructure and mechanical properties of superconducting materials},
  author={Liu Yu-mei and Gao Yuqin and Liu Hong-jian and Zhou Jianshi and Wang Yi-feng and Su Wen-hui},
The microconstituents of four superconducting materials, Y{sub 0.3}Ba{sub 0.7}CuO{sub 3{minus}{delta}} and Y{sub 0.3}Ba{sub 0.7}Cu{sub 0.8}{ital M}{sub 0.2}O{sub 3{minus}{delta}}, where {ital M}=Cr, V, Bi, have been analyzed in this paper. We found that the sintered superconductors mainly consisted of a single-phase solid solution of Y-Ba-Cu-O or Y-Ba-Cu-{ital M}-O. The atomic percentage of the chemical components of the solid solution basically satisfy the formula of ABO{sub 3}. Furthermore… CONTINUE READING