Microstructure-Property Relationship for Friction Stir Processed Magnesium Alloy†

  title={Microstructure-Property Relationship for Friction Stir Processed Magnesium Alloy†},
  author={Harpreet Arora and Harpreet Singh Grewal and Harpreet Singh and B. K. Dhindaw and David S. McPhail and Barbara A. Shollock and Richard J. Chater and Sundeep Mukherjee},
Friction stir processing (FSP) of Mg based AE42 alloy was performed under single pass as well as double pass conditions. The evolution of microstructure was investigated using electron back scatter diffraction (EBSD) analysis. EBSD revealed that the grain size and texture varies within the nugget zone of friction stir processed region. The variation of mechanical properties across the nugget region was evaluated using nanoindentation. Hardness and Young's modulus was found to increase along the… CONTINUE READING