Microstructural modifications in swift ion irradiated PET

  title={Microstructural modifications in swift ion irradiated PET},
  author={Ravinder Singh and Kawaljeet Singh Samra and Ramneek Kumar and Lakhwant Singh},
Abstract Polyethylene terephthalte (PET) was irradiated with carbon (70 MeV) and copper (120 MeV) ions to analyze the induced modifications with respect to optical, structural and thermal properties. In the present investigation, the fluence for carbon irradiation was varied from 1×10 11 to 1×10 14  ions cm −2 , while that for copper beam was kept in the range of 1×10 11 to 1×10 13  ions cm −2 . UV–vis, FTIR, XRD and DSC techniques were utilized to study the induced changes. The analysis of UV… CONTINUE READING