Microstructural comparison of HT-9 irradiated in HFIR and EBR-II

  title={Microstructural comparison of HT-9 irradiated in HFIR and EBR-II},
  author={David Stephen Gelles},
A series of specimens of HT-9 heat 91354 have been examined following irradiation in HFIR to 39 dpa at 300, 400, 500 and 600/sup 0/C and following irradiation in EBR-II to 29 dpa at 390 and 500/sup 0/C. HFIR irradiation was found to have promoted helium bubble formation at all temperatures and voids at 400/sup 0/C. Cavitation had not been observed at lower fluence, nor was it found in EBR-II irradiated specimens. The onset of void swelling in HFIR is attributed to helium generation. The… CONTINUE READING