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Microsoft Word-Application of Artificial Intelligent For Armour V

  title={Microsoft Word-Application of Artificial Intelligent For Armour V},
  author={Kamaruddin Abd. Ghani and Hafizan Yosri},
This paper will presents a new automatic target recognition (ATR) algorithm to detect targets such as battle tanks and armoured personal carriers especially that been used by Malaysia Armed Forces from air-to-ground scenario. Numerous friendly-fire incidents justify the need for identification of armour vehicle in both command control and weapon systems. Rapid and reliable identification of the targets at maximum surveillance is a challenging problem. In this paper work, the reliable method to… 


Automatic target detection using binary template matching
This paper has developed an ATD algorithm for charge-coupled device (CCD) images, which have superior quality to FLIR images in daylight, and uses fast binary template matching with an adaptive binarization to detect targets in CCD images.
Sequential digital filters for fast detection of targets in FLIR image data
Experimental evaluations indicate that both algorithms perform well, even for low contrast targets and high clutter environments, and improve on a morphological multistage technique discussed.
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