Microsculpture Exact Description of the Isolation of Some Types of Beetles Weevils Family (Curculionidae) in Iraq

  title={Microsculpture Exact Description of the Isolation of Some Types of Beetles Weevils Family (Curculionidae) in Iraq},
  author={Sadoon and Ibrahim and Ismail},
  journal={Journal of Life Sciences},
  • Sadoon, Ibrahim, Ismail
  • Published 2015
  • Biology
  • Journal of Life Sciences
  • It was isolated eleven species of weevils family (Curculionidae) back to Subfamiles are Brachyderinae, Cleoninae, depending on the exact Microsculpture of the pits on elytra of these types, namely, Bothynoderes memosae, Tanymecus sp., Cleonus orratus, Larinus maculosus, Lixus sp., Hypera sp., Amnocleonus hiroglyphicus, Bangasternus planifrons, Phacephorus nubeculosus, Coniocleonus puseudooldiquus, Tanymecus insipidus. 

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