Microscopic origin of shear relaxation in a model viscoelastic liquid.

  title={Microscopic origin of shear relaxation in a model viscoelastic liquid.},
  author={J. Ashwin and Abhijit Sen},
  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={114 5},
  • J. Ashwin, A. Sen
  • Published 1 August 2014
  • Physics, Medicine
  • Physical review letters
An atomistic description of shear stress relaxation in a viscoelastic liquid is developed from first principles through accurate molecular dynamic simulations in a model Yukawa system. It is shown that the relaxation time τ(M)(ex) of the excess part of the shear stress autocorrelation function provides a correct measure of the relaxation process. Below a certain critical value Γ(c) of the Coulomb coupling strength, the lifetime of local atomic connectivity τ(LC) converges to τ(M)(ex) and is the… 
Kolmogorov flow in two dimensional strongly coupled Yukawa liquid: A molecular dynamics study
The transition from laminar to turbulent flows in liquids remains a problem of great interest despite decades of intensive research. Here, we report an atomistic study of this transition in a model
Shear modulus of two-dimensional Yukawa or dusty-plasma solids obtained from the viscoelasticity in the liquid state.
It is found that the shear modulus of 2D Yukawa solids can be obtained from the motion of individual particles of the corresponding Yukawa liquids using their viscoelastic property.
Transient dynamics of a colloidal particle driven through a viscoelastic fluid
We study the transient motion of a colloidal particle actively dragged by an optical trap through different viscoelastic fluids (wormlike micelles, polymer solutions, and entangled λ-phage DNA). We
Contribution to viscosity from the structural relaxation via the atomic scale Green-Kubo stress correlation function.
The current results suggest, as the previous observations, that in the supercooled liquid regime, the vibrational contribution to viscosity extends over the times that are much larger than the Einstein's vibrational period and muchlarger than the times it takes for the shear waves to propagate over the model systems.
Strong Correlation Between Atomic-Level Pressures and Viscous Shear Relaxations in Liquids
Liquids are ubiquitous, but the atomic origin of viscosity remains unknown because of structural disorder and dynamic complexities. By using molecular dynamics simulation for liquid iron, we find a
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We study compressibility effects on the two-dimensional strongly coupled dusty plasma by means of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) with the Kolmogorov flow as an initial shear flow profile.
Green-Kubo stress correlation function at the atomic scale and a long-range bond-orientational ordering in a model liquid
Recently there have been several considerations by different authors of viscosity and the Green-Kubo stress correlation function from the microscopic perspective. In most of these and earlier works
Universal Scaling of Pair-Excess Entropy and Diffusion in Strongly Coupled Liquids
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Stationary probability densities of generalized Maxwell-type viscoelastic systems under combined harmonic and Gaussian white noise excitations
Viscoelasticity has been widely studied over the past few decades as a combination of the viscous effects of energy dissipation and the elastic effects of energy storage. As an application,


Theory of Simple Liquids: with Applications to Soft Matter
Comprehensive coverage of topics in the theory of classical liquids Widely regarded as the standard text in its field, Theory of Simple Liquids gives an advanced but self-contained account of liquid
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