Microscopic model for the structural transition and spin gap formation in alpha(')-NaV2O5

  title={Microscopic model for the structural transition and spin gap formation in alpha(')-NaV2O5},
  author={A. Bernert and Peter Thalmeier and Peter Fulde},
  journal={Physical Review B},
We present a microscopic model for α'-NaV 2 O 5 . Using an extended Hubbard model for the vanadium layers we derive an effective low-energy model consisting of pseudospin Ising chains and Heisenberg chains coupled to each other. We find a "spin-Peierls-Ising" phase transition which causes charge ordering on every second ladder and superexchange alternation on the other ladders. This transition can be identified with the first transition of the two close-by transitions observed in experiment… 
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