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Microscopic evolution of doped Mott insulators from polaronic metal to Fermi liquid

  title={Microscopic evolution of doped Mott insulators from polaronic metal to Fermi liquid},
  author={J. Koepsell and Dominik Bourgund and P. Sompet and Sarah Hirthe and A. Bohrdt and Yao Wang and F. Grusdt and E. Demler and G. Salomon and C. Gross and I. Bloch},
  journal={arXiv: Quantum Gases},
The competition between antiferromagnetism and hole motion in two-dimensional Mott insulators lies at the heart of a doping-dependent transition from an anomalous metal to a conventional Fermi liquid. Condensed matter experiments suggest charge carriers change their nature within this crossover, but a complete understanding remains elusive. We observe such a crossover in Fermi-Hubbard systems on a cold-atom quantum simulator and reveal the transformation of multi-point correlations between… Expand
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