Microscopic coupled-channel calculation of proton and alpha inelastic scattering to the $4^+_1$ and $4^+_2$ states of $^{24}\textrm{Mg}$

  title={Microscopic coupled-channel calculation of proton and alpha inelastic scattering to the \$4^+\_1\$ and \$4^+\_2\$ states of \$^\{24\}\textrm\{Mg\}\$},
  author={Yoshiko Kanada-En’yo and Kazuyuki Ogata},
  journal={arXiv: Nuclear Theory},
Background: The triaxial and hexadecapole deformations of the K=0+ and K=2+ bands of 24Mg have been investigated by the inelastic scatterings of various probes, including electrons, protons, and alpha particles, for a prolonged time. However, it has been challenging to explain the unique properties of the scatterings observed for the $4^+_1$ state through reaction calculations. Purpose: To investigate the structure and transition properties of the K=0+ and K=2+ bands of 24Mg employing the… 
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