Microscopic Time-Reversibility and Macroscopic Irreversibility — Still a Paradox?

  title={Microscopic Time-Reversibility and Macroscopic Irreversibility — Still a Paradox?},
  author={Harald A. Posch and Christoph Dellago and William Graham Hoover and Oyeon Kum},
Microscopic time reversibility and macroscopic irreversibility are a paradoxical combination. This was first observed by J. Loschmidt in 1876 and was explained, for conservative systems, by L. Boltzmann the following year. Both these features are also present in modern simulations of classic many-body systems in steady nonequilibrium states. We illustrate them here for the simplest possible models, a continuous one-dimensional model of field-driven diffusion, the so-called driven Lorentz gas or… 
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