Microscale imaging and identification of Fe speciation and distribution during fluid-mineral reactions under highly reducing conditions.

  title={Microscale imaging and identification of Fe speciation and distribution during fluid-mineral reactions under highly reducing conditions.},
  author={Lisa E Mayhew and Samuel M. Webb and Alexis S. Templeton},
  journal={Environmental science & technology},
  volume={45 10},
The oxidation state, speciation, and distribution of Fe are critical determinants of Fe reactivity in natural and engineered environments. However, it is challenging to follow dynamic changes in Fe speciation in environmental systems during progressive fluid-mineral interactions. Two common geological and aquifer materials-basalt and Fe(III) oxides-were incubated with saline fluids at 55 °C under highly reducing conditions maintained by the presence of Fe(0). We tracked changes in Fe speciation… CONTINUE READING

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