Microscale ecological stress causes RAPD molecular selection in wild barley, Neve Yaar microsite, Israel

  title={Microscale ecological stress causes RAPD molecular selection in wild barley, Neve Yaar microsite, Israel},
  author={Edward D. Owuor and Alex Beharav and Tzion Fahima and Valery M. Kirzhner and Abraham B. Korol and Eviatar Nevo},
  journal={Genetic Resources and Crop Evolution},
Genetic micro-differentiation was studied in wild barley at the Neve Yaar microsite, Israel, an area of 3182 m2, which includes a mosaic of sun-rock, sun-soil, shade-rock, and shade-soil microniches. Fifty-six genotypes were tested for ecological-genetic microniche correlates. Analysis of 75 RAPD loci revealed a significantly higher polymorphism and gene diversity (P 0.05 = 0.920; He = 0.411) on the more stressful sun-rock microniche, compared to the least stressful shade-soil microniche (P 0… CONTINUE READING
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