Microsatellite retrieval in lettuce (Lactuca sativa L.).

  title={Microsatellite retrieval in lettuce (Lactuca sativa L.).},
  author={Clemens C. M. van de Wiel and Paul Arens and Ben Vosman},
  volume={42 1},
By using enriched genomic libraries, microsatellite-containing sequences were isolated from lettuce (Lactuca sativa) with high efficiency. With this approach, a sizeable fraction (up to 55%) of the clones contained a microsatellite. In about half of these clones, primers could be designed for PCR amplification of the microsatellite. This yielded 28 primer sets amplifying unambiguously scorable products, of which 26 showed polymorphisms in a test set of six lettuce varieties. Practically all… CONTINUE READING

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