Microsatellite loci analysis for individual identification in Shiba Inu

  title={Microsatellite loci analysis for individual identification in Shiba
  author={Sayaka Arata and Ai ASAHI and Yukari Takeuchi and Yuji Mori},
  booktitle={The Journal of veterinary medical science},
Eighteen autosomal microsatellite loci were examined using 275 Shiba Inus in Japan. Eighteen dogs representing eight trios were obtained from four breeders to calculate mutation rates, and 257 dogs kept by owners were collected through veterinary clinics throughout Japan to calculate population genetic parameters and estimate discrimination power. After two loci (INU005 and AHTk253) were excluded, average expected heterozygosity (He), polymorphic information content (PIC) and fixation index (F… CONTINUE READING

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