Microsatellite loci: determining the genetic variability of Plasmodium vivax.

  title={Microsatellite loci: determining the genetic variability of Plasmodium vivax.},
  author={Ant{\^o}nio M. Rezende and Eduardo M Tarazona-Santos and Cor Jesus Fernandes Fontes and Jos{\'e} Maria Pacheco de Souza and A D'A Couto and Luzia Helena Carvalho and Cristiana F A Brito},
  journal={Tropical medicine & international health : TM & IH},
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OBJECTIVE To describe the genetic diversity of Plasmodium vivax isolates from different areas in the Brazilian Amazon using 11 polymorphic microsatellites and to evaluate the correlation between microsatellite variation and repeat array length. METHODS Microsatellites with variable repeat units and array lengths were selected using in silico search of the P. vivax genome. We designed primers and amplified the selected loci in DNA obtained from patients with P. vivax acute infections… CONTINUE READING