Microsatellite analysis of genetic divergence among populations of giant Galápagos tortoises.

  title={Microsatellite analysis of genetic divergence among populations of giant Gal{\'a}pagos tortoises.},
  author={Claudio Ciofi and Michel C. Milinkovitch and James P. Gibbs and Adalgisa Caccone and Jeffrey R. Powell},
  journal={Molecular ecology},
  volume={11 11},
Giant Galápagos tortoises represent an interesting model for the study of patterns of genetic divergence and adaptive differentiation related to island colonization events. Recent mitochondrial DNA work elucidated the evolutionary history of the species and helped to clarify aspects of nomenclature. We used 10 microsatellite loci to assess levels of genetic divergence among and within island populations. In particular, we described the genetic structure of tortoises on the island of Isabela… CONTINUE READING
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