Microsatellite DNA Typing Using 16 Markers for Parentage Verification of the Korean Native Horse

  title={Microsatellite DNA Typing Using 16 Markers for Parentage Verification of the Korean Native Horse},
  author={Goon Jae Cho and Byung Wook Cho},
This study was performed for parentage verification of the Korean native horse (KNH). 103 random KNH samples (including 19 foals for parentage testing) were genotyped by using 16 microsatellite markers. The number of alleles per locus varied from 5 to 13 with an average value of 8.56 in the KNH. The observed heterozygosity and the expected heterozygosity ranged 0.3980.893 (the average value was 0.683) and 0.368-0.871 (the average value was 0.727) in the KNH, respectively. The PIC value and the… CONTINUE READING
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