Microsatellite-AFLP for genetic mapping of complex polyploids.

  title={Microsatellite-AFLP for genetic mapping of complex polyploids.},
  author={Emidio Albertini and Andrea Porceddu and Gianpiero Marconi and Gianni Barcaccia and Luca Pallottini and Mario Falcinelli},
  volume={46 5},
In spite of the economical relevance of polyploid crops, genetic mapping of these species has been relatively overlooked. This is because of intrinsic difficulties such as the uncertainty of the chromosome behavior at meiosis I and the need for very large segregating populations. An important, yet underestimated issue, in mapping polyploids is the choice of the molecular marker system. An ideal molecular marker system for polyploid mapping should maximize the percentage of single dose markers… CONTINUE READING

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