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Micropropagation of a brazilian species Baccharis tridentata Vahl. (Asteraceae)

  title={Micropropagation of a brazilian species Baccharis tridentata Vahl. (Asteraceae)},
  author={Fumie Kajiki and Simone Liliane Kirszenzaft Shepherd},
Effect of auxin and cytokinin on phenolic content of Baccharis myriocephala DC. (Asteraceae) produced in vitro
This culture system is capable of supplying good-quality raw material in adequate quantity to meet the growing demand for medicinal plants, however, the accumulation of polyphenols is lower in cultures with higher dry weight.
Germinação in vitro de Hyptis leucocephala Mart. ex Benth. e Hyptis platanifolia Mart. ex Benth.
Evaluating the type of culture medium on the in vitro growth of H. leucocephala, it did not influence the number of shoots, length of shoot or root dry matter, and the ½MS medium was more suitable for root induction.