Micropropagation of Scaevola : Australian native of ornamental horticulture

  title={Micropropagation of Scaevola : Australian native of ornamental horticulture},
  author={Prem L Bhalla and Katherine Nielson Sweeney},
Summary. A number of commercially available cultivars of Scaevola aemula, S. albida, S. phlebopetala, S. striata and material collected from the wild of S. glandulifera, S. hookeri and S. ramonissima were successfully propagated by tissue culture. Shoot segments 3–4 cm in length were multiplied in Murashige and Skoog medium without hormones. Addition of 25–150 µmol kinetin/L in the micropropagation medium of S. aemula and S. phlebopetala resulted in the formation of deformed shoots. Tissue… CONTINUE READING