Microprojectile-Mediated Transformation of Pineapple

  title={Microprojectile-Mediated Transformation of Pineapple},
  author={Michael R. Davey and Suneerat Sripaoraya and Parimala Anthony and John Brian Power},
Pineapple (Ananas comosus L.) is cultivated in all tropical and sub-tropical countries and ranks third in production amongst tropical fruits. In 2002, the world production of pineapple was 14.9 million tonnes, which represents increases of 23% and 43% compared to 1998 and the early 1980s, respectively. Production in Asia is centred in Thailand (ca. 14% of world production), The Philippines (10.6%), China (8.6%) and India (7.3%). Africa, Central America and South America contribute approx… CONTINUE READING