Micropolar continuum modelling of bi-dimensional tetrachiral lattices.

  title={Micropolar continuum modelling of bi-dimensional tetrachiral lattices.},
  author={Yintong Chen and Xiao Liu and Gengkai Hu and Qiqi Sun and Q S Zheng},
  journal={Proceedings. Mathematical, physical, and engineering sciences},
  volume={470 2165},
The in-plane behaviour of tetrachiral lattices should be characterized by bi-dimensional orthotropic material owing to the existence of two orthogonal axes of rotational symmetry. Moreover, the constitutive model must also represent the chirality inherent in the lattices. To this end, a bi-dimensional orthotropic chiral micropolar model is developed based on the theory of irreducible orthogonal tensor decomposition. The obtained constitutive tensors display a hierarchy structure depending on… CONTINUE READING