Microplastic pollution in deposited urban dust, Tehran metropolis, Iran

  title={Microplastic pollution in deposited urban dust, Tehran metropolis, Iran},
  author={Sharareh Dehghani and Farid Moore and Razegheh Akhbarizadeh},
  journal={Environmental Science and Pollution Research},
Environmental pollutants such as microplastics have become a major concern over the last few decades. We investigated the presence, characteristics, and potential health risks of microplastic dust ingestion. The plastic load of 88 to 605 microplastics per 30 g dry dust with a dominance of black and yellow granule microplastics ranging in size from 250 to 500 μm was determined in 10 street dust samples using a binocular microscope. Fluorescence microscopy was found to be ineffective for… 

Assessment of Microplastics in Roadside Suspended Dust from Urban and Rural Environment of Nagpur, India

Contamination from microplastics is a growing concern around the globe that materialized over the last few decades. Road dust is one of the main contributors of microplastics in an urban environment

Evidences of microplastics in aerosols and street dust: a case study of Varanasi City, India

Microplastics (MPs) are ubiquitous in our environment. Its presence in air, water, and soil makes it a serious threat to living organisms and has become a critical challenge across ecosystems.

Evidences of Microplastic in Air and Street Dust: A Case Study of Varanasi City, India

Microplastics (MPs) are ubiquitous in our environment. Its presence in air, water and soil makes it a serious threat to living organisms. The present study aimed to assess the availability of MPs

Quantification of selected microplastics in Australian urban road dust.

Microplastics in atmospheric dust samples of Sistan: sources and distribution

In this work, the amount and physical and chemical characteristics of airborne microplastics (MPs) pollution in dust samples in Sistan, located in the eastern part of Iran, is reported. Sampling

Investigation of microrubbers, microplastics and heavy metals in street dust: a study in Bushehr city, Iran

This study aimed to (1) investigate microrubbers (MRs) for the first time and identify microplastics (MPs) in street dust, (2) determine the physicochemical and mineralogical characteristics and

Plastic additives as tracers of microplastic sources in Japanese road dusts.




Microplastic contamination in an urban area: a case study in Greater Paris

This study investigates the microplastic contamination of both urban compartments (wastewater and total atmospheric fallout) and surface water in a continental environment (Greater Paris, France).

Microplastic pollution in the surface waters of the Laurentian Great Lakes.

Contaminants in the Urban Environment: Microplastics

Plastic, plastic everywhere! We live in a world where we are surrounded by plastic: from packaging materials and cutlery to plastic appliances and medical devices. Since the mid-twentieth century,

Occurrence and spatial distribution of microplastics in sediments from Norderney.

Health risk implications of potentially toxic metals in street dust and surface soil of Tehran, Iran.

Characterization of heavy metal particles embedded in tire dust.

Microplastic in terrestrial ecosystems and the soil?

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The lack of knowledge on microplastic in soil is surprising given that the occurrence of larger plastic fragments in soils per se is nothing new, and has in fact been a trait used to describe urban soils or Technosols.

Sources, Distribution, and Fate of Microscopic Plastics in Marine Environments

Microplastics are pieces of plastic debris <5 mm in diameter. They enter the environment from a variety of sources including the direct input of small pieces such as exfoliating beads used in

Assessment of the influence of traffic-related particles in urban dust using sequential selective extraction and oral bioaccessibility tests

The results obtained showed that there is no direct correlation between the geoavailability of metals estimated by sequential selective chemical extraction (SSCE) and the in vitro oral bioaccessibility (UBM) test, and oral bio accessibility of urban dust is site specific.

Microplastics in the Marine Environment: Sources, Consequences and Solutions

Microplastics are small fragments of plastic debris that have accumulated in the environment on a global scale. They originate from the direct release of particles of plastic and as a consequence of