Microparticulate-induced phlebitis. Its prevention by in-line filtration.


We carried out a double-blind prospective study of the effect of a filter on the incidence of phlebitis associated with intravenous infusion in 541 patients. A total of 277 patients received infusions through intravenous sets with 0.22-micron IVEX-HP filters, and 264 received infusions without filters. Each infusion was evaluated daily for a maximum of… (More)


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@article{Falchuk1985MicroparticulateinducedPI, title={Microparticulate-induced phlebitis. Its prevention by in-line filtration.}, author={K H Falchuk and Lenna X Peterson and Barbara J. McNeil}, journal={The New England journal of medicine}, year={1985}, volume={312 2}, pages={78-82} }