Micronutrients in women's reproductive health: I. Vitamins.

  title={Micronutrients in women's reproductive health: I. Vitamins.},
  author={Olivera Konti{\'c}-Vu{\vc}ini{\'c} and Nenad Sulovi{\'c} and Neboj{\vs}a V Radunovi{\'c}},
  journal={International journal of fertility and women's medicine},
  volume={51 3},
Proper nutritional status of women before, during, and after pregnancy is an important element of reproductive health. It maintains maternal health and reduces the risk of adverse pregnancy outcome, birth defects and chronic disease in children later in postnatal life. Pregnancy creates a special metabolic demand for high-quality nutrients. With careful food selection, it is possible to obtain most of the recommended levels of nutrients. Apart from the dietary intake, nutrition is highly… CONTINUE READING
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