Micronutrients in childhood and the influence of subclinical inflammation.

  title={Micronutrients in childhood and the influence of subclinical inflammation.},
  author={D I Thurnham and Anne S W Mburu and David L Mwaniki and Arjan de Wagt},
  journal={The Proceedings of the Nutrition Society},
  volume={64 4},
In the present paper biomarkers of micronutrient status in childhood and some of the factors influencing them, mainly dietary intake, requirements and inflammation will be examined. On a body-weight basis the micronutrient requirements of children are mostly higher than those of an adult, but most biomarkers of status are not age-related. A major factor that is often overlooked in assessing status is the influence of subclinical inflammation on micronutrient biomarkers. In younger children… CONTINUE READING