Micronutrient supplementation in mild Alzheimer disease patients.

  title={Micronutrient supplementation in mild Alzheimer disease patients.},
  author={M. Marichal Planas and Marta Conde and Sergi Audivert and Cleof{\'e} P{\'e}rez-Portabella and Rosa Burgos and Pilar Chac{\'o}n and J. Rossell{\'o} and Marc Collado Boada and Llu{\'i}s T{\'a}rraga},
  journal={Clinical nutrition},
  volume={23 2},
OBJECTIVE To evaluate if nutritional supplementation with or without micronutrient enhancement prevent weight loss and the progression of the disease in mild Alzheimer's Disease (AD) patients. DESIGN Mild AD patients were recruited from an Alzheimer Day Centre. Subjects received oral liquid supplements with (Study-group: S) or without (Control-group: C) micronutrient enhancement. Intake assessment, nutritional status, biochemical parameters, cognitive function, and eating behaviour disorders… CONTINUE READING
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