Micronutrient status of Brazilian lactating adolescents.

  title={Micronutrient status of Brazilian lactating adolescents.},
  author={Vilma Blondet de Azeredo and Fl{\'a}via Fioruci Bezerra and Rossano Figueiredo and Carmen Marino Donangelo and N{\'a}dia M F Trugo},
  journal={Advances in experimental medicine and biology},
Pregnancy in Brazilian adolescents has increased in recent years. In 2000, 26% of children born in the Public Health System in Brazil were from adolescent mothers (Ribeiro et al. 2000). Brazilian women of reproductive age appear to have a high frequency of inadequate dietary intake for several micronutrients, especially during pregnancy and lactation (Borghi et al. 1997; Trugo 1997), 

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