Micronuclei test in routine smears from uterine cervix.

  title={Micronuclei test in routine smears from uterine cervix.},
  author={Rohini Nandan Chakrabarti and Karabi Dutta},
  journal={European journal of gynaecological oncology},
  volume={9 5},
Micronuclei are intracytoplasmatic inclusion bodies formed from chromatin fragments or whole chromosomes. Their presence in cells is a reflection of chromosomal aberrations during cellular mitosis. The micronuclei in exfoliated cells of the cervix have been suggested to represent a marker of their malignant potential. The Authors present a study with a micronuclei test carried out on cervical smears. Moderate and severe dysplasia revealed a slightly higher frequency of micronuclei than the… CONTINUE READING
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