Micron‐Sized Zeolite Beta Single Crystals Featuring Intracrystal Interconnected Ordered Macro‐Meso‐Microporosity Displaying Superior Catalytic Performance

  title={Micron‐Sized Zeolite Beta Single Crystals Featuring Intracrystal Interconnected Ordered Macro‐Meso‐Microporosity Displaying Superior Catalytic Performance},
  author={Ming‐Hui Sun and Li‐Hua Chen and Shen Yu and Yu Li and Xian‐Gang Zhou and Zhi-Yi Hu and Yuhan Sun and Yan Xu and Baolian Su},
  journal={Angewandte Chemie},
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Synthesis and characterisation of hierarchically structured titanium silicalite-1 zeolites with large intracrystalline macropores.
The flexible synthesis route described here can be used to prepare hierarchical zeolites with improved mass transport properties for other selective oxidation reactions, and surpassed a conventional nano-sized TS-1 sample in terms of alkene conversion and showed comparable selectivity to the epoxide.
Hierarchically structured zeolites: synthesis, mass transport properties and applications
Zeolites with hierarchically porous structures have garnered much attention due to their highly attractive properties. Hierarchically structured zeolites integrate at least two levels of porosity and
Chemical Equilibrium Controlled Etching of MFI-Type Zeolite and Its Influence on Zeolite Structure, Acidity, and Catalytic Activity
Chemical etching with fluoride ions is a new approach for secondary porosity engineering of aluminosilicate zeolite frameworks. We show that diluted HF solutions extract preferentially aluminum from
Hierarchical Zeolite Beta via Nanoparticle Assembly with a Cationic Polymer
Nanozeolite aggregates with secondary pores of tunable sizes were prepared by the flocculating action of a cationic polymer. Specifically, highly concentrated zeolite beta precursor gels were
External Surface Catalytic Sites of Surfactant-Tailored Nanomorphic Zeolites for Benzene Isopropylation to Cumene
Nanomorphic *BEA, MTW, and *MRE zeolites were investigated as catalysts for isopropylation of benzene. From the deactivation pattern of the zeolites, we evaluated the contribution of external and
Highly Stable and Reusable Multimodal Zeolite TS‐1 Based Catalysts with Hierarchically Interconnected Three‐Level Micro–Meso–Macroporous Structure
Microporous titanosilicates, such as TS-1, are a class of important catalysts with high activities and selectivities coupled with environmentally benign catalytic performance, and play a vital role
Hierarchical Zeolites with Enhanced Textural and Catalytic Properties Synthesized from Organofunctionalized Seeds
A novel method for the synthesis of hierarchical zeolites has been developed, based on perturbing the crystal growth by organo-functionalization of the zeolite seeds. These materials present unique