Micromonospora-produced sisomicin components.

  title={Micromonospora-produced sisomicin components.},
  author={Bobby W K Lee and R G Condon and G H Wagman and Mark Weinstein and E L Katz},
  journal={The Journal of antibiotics},
  volume={29 7},
A sisomicin fermentation carried out in the presence of (methyl-14C)-L-methionine resulted in a crude mixture, composed of methyl-14C-labeled sisomicin as a major component; and two 4''-C-desmethylsisomicin (66-40B and 66-40D) isomer-like components, an unidentified component and a gentamicin A-like antibiotic as minor components. When (methyl-14C)-L-methionine was added in an early stage of the fermentation (24 hours), incorporation of methyl-14C-label into polar components (e.g., gentamicin A… CONTINUE READING