Micromechanics and ultrastructure of pyrolysed softwood cell walls.

  title={Micromechanics and ultrastructure of pyrolysed softwood cell walls.},
  author={Bj{\"o}rn Brandt and Cordt Zollfrank and Oliver Franke and J{\"o}rg H Fromm and Mathias G{\"o}ken and Karsten Durst},
  journal={Acta biomaterialia},
  volume={6 11},
Pyrolytic conversion causes severe changes in the microstructure of the wood cell wall. Pine wood pyrolysed up to 325 °C was investigated by transmission electron microscopy, atomic force microscopy and nanoindentation measurements to monitor changes in structure and mechanical properties. Latewood cell walls were tested in the axial, radial and tangential directions at different temperatures of pyrolysis. A strong anisotropy of elastic properties in the native cell wall was found. Loss of the… CONTINUE READING