Micromanipulation of sheep morulae to produce monozygotic twins.


Donor ewes were treated with an intravaginal sponge containing 30 mg fluorogestone acetate (FGA) which was removed 12 days later. On the mornings of days 10, 11, and 12, each animal received 30 mg horse anterior pituitary (HAP) extract. Donors were mated twice daily during oestrus. Egg recovery was attemped seven days after progestagen with-drawal, when… (More)


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@article{Gatica1984MicromanipulationOS, title={Micromanipulation of sheep morulae to produce monozygotic twins.}, author={R Gatica and Maurice P. Boland and Tom Crosby and Ilanit Gordon}, journal={Theriogenology}, year={1984}, volume={21 4}, pages={555-60} }