Micromagnetic Modeling of Track Squeeze and Erasure Versus Skew Angle

  title={Micromagnetic Modeling of Track Squeeze and Erasure Versus Skew Angle},
  author={A. Torabi and D. Z. Bai and Peng Luo and James Wang and M. Novid},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Magnetics},
Micromagnetic modeling of adjacent track squeeze in perpendicular magnetic recording, and its effect on track density was studied as a function of skew angle. Based on amplitude 747 curve of track squeeze and reader off track capability of 10%, a loss of 6.5% of track density was predicted by micromagnetic model for head of 150 kTPI track density. The analysis also shows that erase width is smaller than magnetic write width and erase width formula based on pole geometry overestimates the effect… CONTINUE READING