Micromachined jets for liquid impingement cooling of VLSI chips

  title={Micromachined jets for liquid impingement cooling of VLSI chips},
  author={E. N. Wang and Lian Zhang and Linan Jiang and Jae-Mo Koo and J. G. Maveety and E. Sanchez and K H Goodson and T. W. Kenny},
  journal={Journal of Microelectromechanical Systems},
Two-phase microjet impingement cooling is a potential solution for removing heat from high-power VLSI chips. Arrays of microjets promise to achieve more uniform chip temperatures and very high heat transfer coefficients. This paper presents the design and fabrication of single-jets and multijet arrays with circular orifice diameters ranging from 40 to 76 /spl mu/m, as well as integrated heater and temperature sensor test devices. The performance of the microjet heat sinks is studied using the… CONTINUE READING
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