Microglia monitor and protect neuronal function through specialized somatic purinergic junctions

  title={Microglia monitor and protect neuronal function through specialized somatic purinergic junctions},
  author={C. Cser{\'e}p and B. P{\'o}sfai and N. L{\'e}n{\'a}rt and Rebeka Fekete and Zs{\'o}fia I L{\'a}szl{\'o} and Zsolt Lele and B. Orsolits and G. Moln{\'a}r and S. Heindl and A. D. Schwarcz and Katinka Ujv{\'a}ri and Z. K{\"o}rnyei and Krisztina T{\'o}th and E. Szabadits and B. Sperl{\'a}gh and M. Baranyi and L. Csiba and T. Hortob{\'a}gyi and Z. Magl{\'o}czky and B. Martinecz and G. Szab{\'o} and Ferenc Erd{\'e}lyi and R. Szipőcs and M. Tamkun and B. Gesierich and M. Duering and I. Katona and A. Liesz and G. Tam{\'a}s and {\'A}. D{\'e}nes},
  pages={528 - 537}
  • C. Cserép, B. Pósfai, +27 authors Á. Dénes
  • Published 2020
  • Medicine, Biology
  • Science
  • Microglia take control Changes in the activity of microglia, the primary immune cells of the central nervous system, are linked with major human diseases, including stroke, epilepsy, psychiatric disorders, and neurodegeneration. Cserép et al. identified a specialized morphofunctional communication site between microglial processes and neuronal cell bodies in the mouse and the human brain (see the Perspective by Nimmerjahn). These junctions are formed at specific areas of the neuronal somatic… CONTINUE READING

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