Microglia and neuronal cell death.

  title={Microglia and neuronal cell death.},
  author={Jos{\'e} L Mar{\'i}n-Teva and Miguel Angel Cuadros and David Mart{\'i}n-Oliva and Julio Navascu{\'e}s},
  journal={Neuron glia biology},
  volume={7 1},
Microglia, the brain's innate immune cell type, are cells of mesodermal origin that populate the central nervous system (CNS) during development. Undifferentiated microglia, also called ameboid microglia, have the ability to proliferate, phagocytose apoptotic cells and migrate long distances toward their final destinations throughout all CNS regions, where they acquire a mature ramified morphological phenotype. Recent studies indicate that ameboid microglial cells not only have a scavenger role… CONTINUE READING

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