[Microgallery for the identification of anaerobic bacteria].


A microgallery for the identification of anaerobic bacteria (API 20A) was used with regard to 213 strictly anaerobic strains isolated between 1.12.74 and 30.11.75 in a hospital laboratory. Furthermore, 75 strains of Bacteroides fragilis isolated previously were added to this study. All the strains were identified by traditional methods. The results of tests performed with the microgallery alone permitted the species diagnosis in 72,2% of cases. Performing simultaneously complementary tests (7 to 9 Tubes, according to the nature of the bacteria) the species diagnosis was possible in 89.9% of cases. The main interest of this microgallery was its use for the identification of glucidolytic strains for it included the presence of 17 ternary substances. Its use for the other groups of strains was thus limited.

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@article{Drugeon1977MicrogalleryFT, title={[Microgallery for the identification of anaerobic bacteria].}, author={Henri Bernard Drugeon and Sylviane Billaudel and A L Courtieu}, journal={Annales de biologie clinique}, year={1977}, volume={35 5}, pages={409-11} }