Microfungi on Cercocarpus

  title={Microfungi on Cercocarpus},
  author={Brian C. Sutton and Flora G. Pollack},
  journal={Mycopathologia et mycologia applicata},
Camarosporellum cercocarpi sp. nov. is described from lesions onCercocarpus ledifolius and the genus is compared withCamarosporium andNeohendersonia. Neohendersonia kickxii (Westend.) comb. nov., type species of the genus is redescribed and illustrated. The genusSeptogloeum is reviewed and compared withPhloeospora, andPhloeospora cercocarpi (Bonar) comb. nov. (≡Septogloeum cercocarpi Bonar) is redescribed. Conidial ontogeny is stressed as a valuable taxonomic character to be used in… 

Two new records of leaf pathogenic fungi in Turkey

Rhytisma salicinum and Septogloeum thomasianum, a parasitic species on Euonymus latifolius subsp.

Camarosporium-Like Species are Polyphyletic in Pleosporales; Introducing Paracamarosporium and Pseudocamarosporium gen. nov. in Montagnulaceae

Molecular analyses (maximum likelihood, maximum parsimony and MrBayes) of combined LSU and SSU gene datasets show that the Camarosporium-like taxa are polyphyletic in Pleosporales.

Mycosphaerellaceae – Chaos or clarity?

Sizing up Septoria

The phylogenetic generic limits of Septoria, Stagonospora, and other related genera such as Sphaerulina, Phaeosphaeria and Phaeoseptoria are resolved using sequences of the partial 28S nuclear ribosomal RNA and RPB2 genes of a large set of isolates, leading to the introduction of 14 new genera, 36 new species, and 19 new combinations.

Taxonomy and phylogeny of dematiaceous coelomycetes

This paper illustrates, describes, and provides taxonomic notes for 235 dematiaceous coelomycetous genera, including five new genera viz.

The Genera of Fungi—G3: Aleurocystis, Blastacervulus, Clypeophysalospora, Licrostroma, Neohendersonia and Spumatoria

This issue focuses on six genera, including macro- and microfungi, four of which the type species is epitypified, and two new families within Pleosporales and Xylariales are proposed to accommodate two of them.



Conidium ontogeny in Coelomycetes. II. Some Melanconiales which possess phialides

An illustrated account of conidium ontogeny is given for Colletotrichum spp., Cylindrogloeum trillii (Ell. and Everh.) Arx, Discogloeum veronicae (Libert) Petrak, Gloeosporidiella spp.,

Conidium ontogeny in Coelomycetes. I. Some amerosporous species which possess annellides

An illustrated account of conidium ontogeny is given for Macrophoma spp., Sarcophoma mirbellii (Fr.) Hohnel, Sirococcus gibberoideus (Cooke and Massee) Grove, Monostichella spp., Cryptocline

Conidium ontogeny in Coelomycetes. III. Meristem thalloconidia

Conidium ontogeny is described and illustrated for Vouauxiella lichenicola (Lindsay) Petrak and Sydow.

Taxonomy of Fungi Imperfecti.

Reading a book as this taxonomy of fungi imperfecti and other references can enrich your life quality and help you to understand the world around you.

17. Conidium Ontogeny in Pycnidial and Acervular Fungi

The Fungi imperfecti, order Sphaeropsidales.