Microfluidic devices for size-dependent separation of liver cells.

  title={Microfluidic devices for size-dependent separation of liver cells.},
  author={Masumi Yamada and Kyoko Kano and Yukiko Tsuda and Jun Kobayashi and Masayuki Yamato and Minoru Seki and T. Okano},
  journal={Biomedical microdevices},
  volume={9 5},
Liver is composed of various kinds of cells, including hepatic parenchymal cells (hepatocytes) and nonparenchymal cells, and separation of these cells is essential for cellular therapies and pharmacological and metabolic studies. Here, we present microfluidic devices for purely hydrodynamic and size-dependent separation of liver cells, which utilize hydrodynamic filtration. By continuously introducing cell suspension into a microchannel with multiple side-branch channels, cells smaller than a… CONTINUE READING

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