Microfluidic devices for culturing primary mammalian neurons at low densities.

  title={Microfluidic devices for culturing primary mammalian neurons at low densities.},
  author={Larry J. Millet and Matthew E Stewart and Jonathan V. Sweedler and Ralph G. Nuzzo and Martha L U Gillette},
  journal={Lab on a chip},
  volume={7 8},
Microfluidic devices have been used to study high-density cultures of many cell types. Because cell-to-cell signaling is local, however, there exists a need to develop culture systems that sustain small numbers of neurons and enable analyses of the microenvironments. Such cultures are hard to maintain in stable form, and it is difficult to prevent cell death when using primary mammalian neurons. We demonstrate that postnatal primary hippocampal neurons from rat can be cultured at low densities… CONTINUE READING


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