Microfluidic Generation of Lipidic Mesophases for Membrane Protein Crystallization.

  title={Microfluidic Generation of Lipidic Mesophases for Membrane Protein Crystallization.},
  author={Sarah L Perry and Griffin W Roberts and Joshua D. Tice and Robert B Gennis and Paul J. A. Kenis},
  journal={Crystal growth & design},
  volume={9 6},
We report on a microfluidic method for the formation of aqueous/lipid mesophases to enable screening of suitable crystallization conditions of membrane proteins from a membrane-like phase in sub-20 nanoliter volumes. This integrated microfluidic chip and the employed mixing strategy address the specific challenges associated with the mixing of fluids of highly different viscosities (here a factor of 30) as well as the non-Newtonian character of the resulting mesophases. The chip requires less… CONTINUE READING