Microfluidic, marker-free isolation of circulating tumor cells from blood samples

  title={Microfluidic, marker-free isolation of circulating tumor cells from blood samples},
  author={Nezihi Murat Karabacak and Philipp S. Spuhler and Fabio Fachin and Eugene J Lim and Vincent Pai and Emre Ozkumur and Joseph M. Martel and Nikola Kojic and Kyle C. Smith and Pin-i Chen and Jennifer T. Yang and Henry Hwang and Bailey N Morgan and Julie Trautwein and Thomas A. Barber and Shannon L. Stott and S. Maheswaran and Ravi Kapur and Daniel A. Haber and Mehmet Toner},
  journal={Nature Protocols},
The ability to isolate and analyze rare circulating tumor cells (CTCs) has the potential to further our understanding of cancer metastasis and enhance the care of cancer patients. In this protocol, we describe the procedure for isolating rare CTCs from blood samples by using tumor antigen–independent microfluidic CTC-iChip technology. The CTC-iChip uses deterministic lateral displacement, inertial focusing and magnetophoresis to sort up to 107 cells/s. By using two-stage magnetophoresis and… CONTINUE READING